For Parents

How do I request for a home tutor? 

You can request for a tutor via one of following ways: 


Request via WhatsApp

Fill in your contact details on the WhatsApp form and our agents will be in contact with you shortly to gather your requirements.



Request via Online Form

Fill in your requirements in the form and our agents will start finding the best tutor for you. 



Is it mandatory to upload my child’s exam paper? 


It is NOT compulsory to upload your child's exam paper. Uploading your child's exam paper will allow the selected tutor to better understand the weaknesses of your child and to adjust his teaching method according to your child's needs.


Alternatively, you can allow the tutor to have a look at his/her exam paper on the first lesson.


Am I allowed to pick the tutor(s) for my children? 

Yes. Our agents will firstly shortlist the best tutors for your child. Next, they will send you the profiles of these tutors and await your selection. If the tutor matched is incompatible, fret not, we are happy to find you a new one, free of charge.


How much do I have to pay for this service? 

Our tuition matching service is FREE OF CHARGE for parents. That is, a 50% commision on the lessons conducted in the 1st month will be levied on the tutor. For example, if the assignment requires the tutor to teach twice a week, 8 times a month, Harmony Home Tuition will be collecting the commission for the first 4 lessons. Hence, the parent will pay 50% of the first month to the tutor and the remaining 50% to Harmony Home Tuition Agency.

How do you ensure the quality of your tutors? 

Every Harmony Home Tutor has to undergo stringent screening and background checks before they qualify as a Harmony Home Tutor. All relevant qualification certificates will be requested by the agency to ensure our tutors are indeed who they claim they are.


The tutor has already conducted 2 weeks’ worth of lessons. How do I go about making payment to Harmony Home Tuition? 

Payment can be done via bank transfer. We will let you know of our bank account details when payment is due.

For Tutors

I wish to know more about Harmony’s commission scheme.

Tutor will charge a commission of 50% on the lessons conducted in the 1st month. For example, if the assignment requires you to teach once a week, 4 times a month, we will be collecting the commission for the first 2 lessons. You will receive half of the assignment fees for the 1st month.

We will be collecting the commission from the parents. Do take note that you will not be required to collect the commission on our behalf.


I have registered as a tutor. How will I be notified of tuition assignments?

Thank you for joining our Harmony family. Tutors will be receiving all available tuition assignments via email. If you do not receive any assignments, please check the Junk/Spam inbox. Alternatively, feel free to drop us an email at support@harmonyhometuition.com.


I made an error in my profile. Can I edit it?

No problem! Simply log in and click on ‘Edit Profile’ to make the changes.


How do I apply for tuition assignments?

Tutors are required to log in before they are able to view the available assignments. To apply for an assignment, simply click on the ‘Apply’ button, applied assignments will appear in your account.

Alternatively, you can also apply for an assignment via email. Our agents will get in touch with you if you’re shortlisted by the parents.


Can I request for my own tuition rates?

Yes you can, the Rates table is just the recommended market rates. We will try our best to negotiate with the parents for the best tuition rates that meets your expectation.


Is there a minimum commitment period for each tuition assignment?

Yes definitely. All tutors will have to commit a minimum of 1 month to each assignment unless otherwise stated in the tuition assignment detail. If you have already started lessons but are unable to commit for at least 1 month, the 50% commission fee will still be charged to you.


I am ready for my 1st lesson. Is there anything mandatory that I need to bring along?

We recommend to bring along your graduation certificates and result slips for a short validation by parents.

You should also bring along your teaching materials if you have them.

Some of the parents will have uploaded their children’s latest examination and we will send it over to you via email for academic diagnostic purposes.